• Develop Your Innate Psychic Ability in Just One Day
    Everyone has psychic abilities. Let Priscilla and Shae show you your own in this exciting, high-energy workshop. Psychic ability is not a gift, it’s a skill, and just like any skill it can be honed with structured practice. Knowing HOW we get psychic impressions is an important part of developing the skill, so during this very interactive workshop the para-senses are explained and experienced so that each participant learns which of these is naturally their strongest. We also learn the difference between a psychic impression and a self-generated thought, and how to discern the kind of information you’re getting. All of this information can’t make sense to the practical mind unless you understand the current research on how scientists believe that the sixth sense exists in the brain. Shae will present this complex but important information in ways that are understandable and approachable.We’ll have multiple opportunities to get and give readings to each other. Bring pictures of loved ones both alive and in spirit.


  • How To Use Hypnosis, Remap Your Directive Brain, Understand The Power of Intention, & Utilize The Law of Attraction
    In this class you’ll learn how to make your brain work for you, and how to understand the present in order to change the future.  You’re going to get what you repeat to yourself, whether you really, really want it, or really, really don’t, and the easiest way to change your life is to change your mind. In order to change your mind, you have to know how your mind works. Thoughts are energy, thoughts are things, thoughts hardwire your brain and your ability to act. Every single thing you can see around you began in the mind, as an idea. There is nothing more powerful than your mind, particularly the subconscious mind. The knowledge of using the mind to create the body, environment, and life experience has been around for centuries… why? Because it’s true! You’ll learn self-hypnosis, how to craft intentions correctly so you actually get what you want, and why the Law of Attraction actually works. Learn how to change your thought patterns and the science behind positive thinking.


  • The Science & Practice of Telepathy & Remote Viewing
    Learn how to use telepathy! At this interactive workshop you will work with Psychic Medium Priscilla Keresey and Biomedicalist Shae Montgomery. They will show you how to access your natural telepathic ability so you can communicate telepathically by the end of the class; explore biological and metaphysical origins of telepathic ability; explore and practice remote viewing, and receive personal guidance on how to become a professional Telepath.


  • DNA-Driven Instincts in Connections, Mediumship, The Spirit World, Spirit Guides
    Psychic Medium Priscilla Keresey regularly talks to the dead. You can too! Believe it or not, the spirit people want to be heard. They have so much wisdom, insight and healing to offer. With the rise in popular media of shows like “John Edward’s Crossing Over,” and “The Long Island Medium,” spirit communication is making its way into the mainstream. So many people find closure after connecting with a loved one who has passed away, and the gift you’ll be able to give them after this class is one of peace and healing. Shae will explain how our connections are routed in our DNA and how DNA can electromagnetically transport itself.


  •   Renaissance of Thought – Multiverse, Parallel Universe, Astral Projection, & Other Lives.
    We are currently in a renaissance of thought, and in this course we’ll explore what that means and how we can be involved. We’ll be actively exploring concurrent, past, and future lives; examining consciousness without associated brain function; the science behind out-of-body experiences, brain-identity, and multiple lives. In this amazing class we’ll do more than just talk about these concepts – you’ll have the opportunity to try a whole bunch of exercises that will blow your mind, including regression to past lives, progression to future lives, and a very unique experience in meeting one of your selves currently living in another dimension. You don’t want to miss this class!


*Putnam Annual Psychic Fair*

If you’ve completed all 5 classes, you may be qualified to be a reader at the most popular Psychic Fair in the Hudson Valley. There’s nothing like jumping right in to get started on your own business as a psychic reader. At this all day Fair you can be prepared to make hundreds of dollars and develop a client list right on the spot.