Psychic Matter & Strange Particles

You may not know this, but your gut instincts and hunches are REAL. Your brain is wired to gather information with extra-sensory perception, so that means that YOU have ESP, too! In this book, authors Priscilla Keresey and Shae Montgomery combine their knowledge base to deliver a fun, interactive learning tool right into your hands. Working for years as a Psychic and Evidential Medium, Priscilla teaches you how to tap into and broaden your own natural sixth sense. As a Scientist and Bio-Medical Illustrator, Shae shows you why and how your brain works to support ESP, and provides plenty of brain exercises to develop the right physical environment for psychic development.

With examples from history and fascinating topics in the current metaphysical dialogue, the authors create a rational basis for tuning in to the non-rational mysteries of the human brain and mind. If you’re interested in exploring ESP but would like more tangible evidence to believe, you’ve chosen the right book to start. We encourage you to dive in, try the exercises, and witness your own expanding abilities!

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