Educational Tracks at CMSE

I.D.E.A. (Initiative for the Development of Extrasensory Abilities)
This Track within the Institute has been developed to give students a comprehensive academic and experiential understanding of how and why the human mind is so much more robust than previously thought. Many students of the “New Age” feel it isn’t important to have a scientific understanding, while many students of the “Rational Age” feel it isn’t necessary to include the sixth sense in the study of the mind. With knowledge and practice in both, students on the I.D.E.A. track can expect increased discernment and self-awareness, while enjoying true peace of mind.

Each track will take at least one year to complete, and will involve “field work” and homework in addition to class participation. Students who complete an entire track at IMSE will receive a diploma and certification through the Institute.

In addition to required courses, each track will have opportunities to attend symposia, attend workshops by guest lecturers at reduced fees, and take advantage of one-on-one counseling with any of the instructors on taking independent study to the next level. For example, in this track qualified students will be allowed to participate as paid psychics in the Annual Putnam Psychic Fair, and/or apprentice with Priscilla in private message circles.

Other tracks are being developed in the subjects of healing, quantum experience, and energy work. Check back soon!