Priscilla Keresey
Priscilla Keresey is recognized throughout the country as one of the most accurate, compassionate, and sought-after psychic mediums. In addition to bringing the physical and spiritual worlds together for individuals and groups, she appears on radio and television programs, teaches workshops on developing psychic ability, and offers training for mediums in her message circles. Priscilla launched the highly successful annual Putnam Psychic Fair, drawing psychics and guests from the tri-state area. She is the author of It Will All Make Sense When You’re Dead, Messages From Our Loved Ones in the Spirit World, and she is the author/producer of the Live & Learn Guides™ series. Priscilla is a frequent guest minister at Albertson Memorial Spiritualist Church in Old Greenwich, CT, where she conducts the service and delivers spirit communication to the congregation.

Shae Montgomery
Shae has a Masters of Science in Biomedical Visualization and is a 3D Medical Technical Illustrator and Animator.  She specializes in visually communicating complex medical processes, anatomical pathologies, and neural communication pathways.  She runs part of medical imaging company and creates facial prosthetics for patients in the Washington DC Metro area. In her spare time she is an Herbalist.  Her additional background is in Biology, Photography, Technical & Fine Art, as well as Disaster Recovery Planning.

Contact: 914-672-9741 :|: